person top of mountain near body of water
person top of mountain near body of water

"When you are able to passionately feel whatever it is that you wish to have or become, as long as it is aligned with your highest self you become it and it becomes you."

Wayne Dyer

Manifest your Vision for 2023 in Alignment With your Higher-Self

Have you had any challenges with manifesting your visions and intentions? Perhaps you have had some spotty results and nothing that made you dance with the fullness of your heart!

Most people struggle, most of the time, with manifesting a high vision without realizing why they can’t consistently bring their vision into manifestation or if they do, they wonder why they become dissatisfied with the results of their manifestation.

The #1 reason for this is, most people make attempts to manifest their vision while they are in a state of ego/survival mode/self-doubt and unworthiness. This is manifesting from the egoic level and here’s why it’s limiting your capacity for manifesting your highest visions and intentions:

  • Limited perspective: The ego is limited in its perspective and understanding of the world. It is concerned with the self and its own needs and desires, and may not consider the broader context or the needs of others.

  • Fear and insecurity: The ego is often driven by fear and insecurity, and may hold us back from taking risks or pursuing our goals due to a lack of confidence or self-doubt.

  • Attachment to outcome: The ego may become attached to specific outcomes, and when things don't go as planned, it can lead to disappointment or frustration.

  • Resistance to change: The ego may resist change, as it is comfortable with familiar patterns and ways of thinking. This can make it difficult to adapt to new situations or to embrace new ideas.

Overall, manifesting from the ego can be challenging because it is limited in its perspective and may be driven by fear, insecurity, and attachment to specific outcomes, which can hinder your ability to manifest your desires and birth your intentions.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to manifest your visions in alignment with your Higher-Self.

On the auspicious night of the last New Moon (December 23 2022) of the year, join me in releasing the old in gratitude and surrender while planting the seeds of our highest vision to be birthed in the new year in confidence and faith.

Using sacred practices spanning the mystery schools, tantra and the mystical path, I will guide you through a series of secret rituals and exercise to align you to your True-Self/High-Self so that it can bring to fruition the intentions that are for your highest good and greatest benefit by activating the wisdom of the Chakras, especially the intelligence of the heart.


I will organize the group into groups of 8 to continue the manifestation journey for 6 weeks after the workshop ends. I trained as a facilitator of Power of 8 Groups with Lynne McTaggart the author of “The Field” and “The Power of 8.”

Dates: Friday Dec 23rd 5pm to 7pm (New Moon)

Cost: $111

Location: Selina Hotel (DC) - 411 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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About Me:

My name is Amin Abdi. I am Certified HeartMath® Trainer, Yoga Nidra teacher and Breathwork facilitator. I teach practices that incorporate techniques that are designed to uncover the power, wisdom and intelligence of the heart to unlock creativity and experience joyful living!