Experience the Cleansing Ritual of a Transformational Fire Ceremony...

Fire Puja - Experience a night of transformation and healing based on a sacred ritual from lineage that originates from Penukonda in South India whose main mission is the healing of heart breaks and emotional pain in humanity.

In our Celestial Blaze Gathering - Allow your soul to ignite healing and transformation in the heart of our Urban Oasis that's the Temple of Mother Earth.

Beneath the radiant canopy of a star-studded night, join us for an enchanting fire gathering. Surrender to the mystical dance of flames as they lead you through a profound ritual of transformation. Observe the fire's sacred purification, its strength to empower, and the light it casts upon your journey, paving the road for a fresh chapter in your life!

⚠️ Registration is REQUIRED ⚠️

  1. Due to the specific requirements of this ritual, registration and payment are required before attendance. There are specific instructions that are intended to help participants prepare fully for this experience.

  2. Please Park on Camden street. No street parking by the Temple!!!

🗓️ Dates: Thursday Aug 24th

🎟 Cost: $30

🏫 Location: Temple of Mother Earth

🏫 Address : 2415 32nd St SE, Washington, DC 20020,

🕰️ Schedule: Thursday Evening 7:00pm - 9:00pm