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  Relaxation Works!

It's no secret that many people believe that relaxation will hinder their success. "I might lose my competitive edge, the last thing I need is to feel mellow." " I can't waste my time on that fuzzy wuzzy feel good stuff. Psychobabble won't help me get ahead." These are two common arguments people give for neglecting to do relaxation. Unfortunately, these perspectives are misinformed.

At first, racing thoughts, muscular tension, and restlessness may make you feel primed and ready to spring from the starting blocks like a sprinter. But, this revved up "competitive edge" can rapidly give way to "Burn Out" and leave you lethargic and defeated -- unable to make good use of your talents. "But that won't happen to me," you may insist. Ensure that it doesn't. Don't leave it to chance, consider doing relaxation.

Dismiss Misconceptions about Relaxation
"Just relax."

Two often heard simple words that ironically, create a lot of confusion and tension. There are a number of misconceptions about relaxation and what a regular practice of relaxation at home would involve. However, relaxation techniques

  • Aren't hard to learn, even from a book
  • Needn't take a lot of time
  • Don't have to be done in a dark silent room
  • Needn't require a fancy or expensive course of instruction
  • Don't demand a great deal of self-discipline
  • Aren't a religious practise, although it can be part of one
  • Needn't involve changing your philosophy of life
  • Can't be replaced by watching t.v, going to ball games, or reading
  • Aren't 'far-out' or mystical.
Start doing relaxation today with the simple-to-use "3-Point Stress Check" and the relaxation resources here in Stress Free Zone

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