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Free Seminars

Free Beat the Stress of Job-Hunting Seminars©
Since 1989, Wellness Workshops L.L.C. has worked with mayors, government programs, non-profit organizations, libraries and self-help groups to bring free "Beat the Stress of Job-Hunting" seminars to unemployed job-hunters.

Get 1 of the 20 Free "Beat the Stress of Job-Hunting" Seminars!
  1. Put together a group of 10 or more unemployed job-hunters
  2. Get a room that is suitable for a seminar.
  3. Book a seminar date
  4. Contact Stress Free Zone to book seminar dates and get answers to your questions.

What You Get With Your Free Seminar

  • A free 1.5 hour Beat the Stress of Job-hunting seminar
  • A free Stress Check card for each participant
  • Information you can use to organize your group
  • On-line registration for your seminar


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