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Keep Tabs on Your Stress Level

As you go through the day, you can use the 3-Point Stress Check to identify when your stress level is running high. It’s also a quick and easy way to take your stress level down a notch.

The 3-Point Stress Check
Check your shoulders
Where are they--inching up towards your ears?
Are your neck and shoulder muscles tense?
Slowly lower your shoulders.
Roll your shoulders back a few times, slowly.
And let the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles go.

Check your breathing
Is it shallow and fast?
Are you holding your breath?
This is stress breathing.
Take a slow deep breath in though your nose.
Now slowly sigh the air out through your mouth.

Check your thoughts
Are you putting yourself down, exaggerating the situation, being illogical?
Negative, self-defeating source are often the cause of our stress.
Mentally, say “STOP!”
Then switch your thoughts to something positive.
Or simply concentrate on something else for a moment.
And tell yourself: "Let that tension go."


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